At Peak Medical Weight Loss Clinic we offer a range of proven medical weight loss techniques to help you on your weight loss journey. Most importantly, we tailor every single program we create to the patients needs and capabilities, so that weight loss becomes enjoyable and sustainable.

Obesity Medication

Prescription weight loss medication is just one of the major benefits of using a medical weight loss clinic. Unlike other weight loss centers, our medical staff can prescribe medication that suits your weight loss goals, as well as conducting a full medical consultation and exam to ensure you get the perfect treatment.

Do weight loss drugs really work?

Patients often ask does weight loss medication really work? The short answer is yes, absolutely! But if you would like to know more about the ins and outs of prescription weight loss medication and its uses, click the link below.

Medically Supervised Diet

If you're here looking for a weight loss solution, you've probably realized that part of that is to adjust your eating habits. There are tools that can help you drop weight, like supplements and medications, but in order to keep weight off permanently you need to find something that works for you. 

Do I have to diet to lose weight?

At Peak we believe in the mantra "everything in moderation." Often it's the behavior that surrounds our eating habits (like portion control and trigger foods) that dictate our weight gain. We will help you to understand those things and create a unique plan that you can stick to and be happy with.

Food Related Counseling

Most weight loss clinics and centers are happy to hand out advice, products and diet plans without getting to the root of the problem. Not at peak. We truly want to help you get to your ideal weight, but most of all be healthy. That includes the mind and body. Learning how to stay healthy by exploring how you got to be overweight in the first place can stop the cycle from repeating itself. 

Do I need weight loss counseling?

The truth is that most people rarely identify why they consume food the way they do. It may be that you were brought up to "always finish what's on your plate", or it could be that food once made you feel happy during a tough time and now has become a go-to coping mechanism. Whatever the reasons, it's important to understand what hurts you and what helps you in your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements can form a very important part of getting to your desired weight. Used correctly, meal replacements and healthy additions to your daily routine can help you manage your caloric intake, help you feel fuller for longer, and even strengthen your immune system. Weight loss has never been easier.

Do weight loss supplements work?

In a word, yes. Weight loss supplementation has been one of the largest growing industries world wide for the last 15 years. It accounts for billions in sales revenue each year, but that doesn't mean all supplements are created equal. Peak Medical Weight Loss Clinic has done the research for you so that you don't have to.


Exercise for Weight Loss

It's no secret that exercise promotes weight loss and a healthy body, but where do you start if you are overweight and detest the idea of exercise? Well, Peak have you covered. Not only do we work with you to find something agreeable that you can maintain easily, we provide you with an app complete with video instructions, tailor made programs, and feedback from your personal trainer. 

Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

For a lot of our patients the thought of exercise can be off-putting or even terrifying. Many tend to think that exercise is not for them, or lack confidence because their weight restricts them from certain activities. The truth is exercise comes in all shapes and forms, and should always be fun. The health benefits far outweigh the negatives, but most importantly there is something for everyone, even while relaxing on the couch!


Peak Medical Weight Loss App

That's right, we have our own app! But it's not about us, it's all about you. From the moment you meet with our health practitioner, we create you a tailored profile that takes you through your journey of personal weight loss. The app contains your meal plans, supplement guides, updates from the doctor, exercise routines and records your progress. Losing weight has never been easier. 

How will an app help me lose weight?

Put simply, the app is your personal assistant. It helps you to stay on track by presenting all your daily weight loss requirements at your fingertips. Have a question or need some encouragement? No problem, just hit the message button to send your personal trainer an instant update.