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What is a Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

Peak Medical Weight-Loss Clinic is a medical therapy clinic offering a holistic approach to weight-loss. The clinic was developed to address the growing obesity epidemic. For the obese patient, life expectancy is reduced, and the development of obesity related illnesses is a certainty. At Peak Medical, we believe that you can lose weight. You can become a healthier and happier you when given the right tools.

Dr. Thomas Brown established Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute in the Denver area nearly 20 years ago to offer a surgical solution to patients suffering from obesity. Seeing a need for some patients to have a non-surgical approach to weight loss, Dr. Brown established Peak Medical Weight Loss Clinic. At Peak Medical we offer many different programs, but at their core, each of our programs incorporates three main pillars in its approach:

  1. Modification

  2. Medication

  3. Motivation

1. What type of behavior do I need to modify to lose weight?

Diet and exercise fads come and go, and most people don’t find success with them. Truly committing to changing bad habits (both in nutrition and activity) by replacing them with health ones is the only tried and true solution to long-term weight management. We'll help you change your eating habits and better understand why you may have been gaining weight. At Peak Medical, we don’t give you a quick-fix, but help you learn how to live a healthier life every day. We want you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Every body is unique, but most of us could benefit from behavior modification when it comes to our daily nutrition and activity rituals. At Peak Medical we work individually with each patient to design a nutrition and activity plan that best suits his or her lifestyle. Our patients can attest to the fact that modifying behavior is multi-faceted and is hard work, but our staff are here to support the process by creating programs you can actually follow.

2. What is the best medication to lose weight?

We wish the answer was simple, but the truth is, it depends. At the heart of it, medications are employed to treat symptoms, not to cure illnesses. Incorporating the right medications into your treatment plan will improve your ability to lose weight (and keep it off). For some, those will be appetite suppressants. For others, we might recommend taking medications to control obesity related medical conditions.

The right balance addresses obesity related illnesses directly. Medication is not a one size fit all approach to weight-loss. Patients will need to complement any medications they are prescribed with a healthy lifestyle. This means committing to proper nutrition, maintaining activity regularly, and staying mindful. 

3. How can you stay motivated to lose weight?

Staying motivated throughout any weight-loss journey is hard work! We are results-oriented, and we want you to be proud of your progress—we want you to see those results. In order to achieve those results healthily, we believe in mindfulness. It’s easy to get swept up in metrics: how much weight can I lose in a month? How many calories does walking burn per hour? How much should I weigh?

But we believe in providing the tools to create a healthier life, not just to help you lose weight. We want you to find continued success, which demands mindfulness. The journey is not always easy. There are set-backs and frustrations, but if you continue working towards your goals mindfully and with the right support system, we have no doubt you will achieve them.

Psychological and emotional health are essential in order for a weight-loss program to be safe and effective. At Peak Medical we closely monitor our patients throughout their weight-loss journey to encourage continued success with the help of trusted psychological specialists. Our staff are committed to supporting Peak patients throughout their weight loss journey and motivating them when they struggle to motivate themselves.

Peak Medical has designed a comprehensive program with a skilled, experienced and compassionate team. We are committed to supporting patients throughout their weight-loss journey, as well as managing long-term weight loss. You'll get individual results and the tools to create healthy habits for a long time. Take back your control over your health care. Call us for a free consultation today.


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